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Legislative Update: Senate and House pass bills relating to HHSC, Bargaining Unit 14 and EUTF prior to First Crossover

March 06, 2013

Bills relating to the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Bargaining Unit 14, EUTF retiree cap repeal and EUTF impasse passed in both the Senate and the House as the legislators prepare for First Crossover on Thursday, March 7. First Crossover is when the Senate and House exchange legislation — all moving Senate bills cross to the House and all moving House bills cross to the Senate.

HHSC/Banner Health
The Senate passed, with amendments, S.B. 1306, which would permit the transition of HHSC to non-public status. Senators Chun Oakland, Espero, Gabbard, Kidani, Nishihara, Ruderman and Tokuda voted "aye with reservations." Senators Dela Cruz, Kahele, Taniguchi and Wakai voted "no." HGEA opposed this bill.

The House passed H.B. 1483, which allows the creation of a task force to study the feasibility of the HHSC regional system and its facilities to transition to a public-private partnership status. Representatives Carroll, Cheape, Cullen, Fale, Fukumoto, Ing, Johanson, Kawakami, Takai, Ward and Yamane voted "aye with reservations." Representatives Lowen and Morikawa voted "no." HGEA also opposed this bill.

Bargaining Unit 14
The Senate passed S.B. 883 (Senator Slom voted "no") and the House passed H.B. 1172, both of which create a new bargaining unit for state law enforcement officers and state and county ocean safety and water safety officers. HGEA supported the passage of these bills.

EUTF retiree cap repeal
S.B. 867 and H.B.1174, which repeals the statutory cap for retirement benefits, passed. Representatives Har and Say voted "no." HGEA supported these bills.

EUTF impasse
Two bills passed, which make the contributions to the EUTF subject to impasse and allow the issue over contributions to go before the arbitration panel (currently it cannot). Senator Thielen voted "aye with reservations" and Senator Slom voted "no" on S.B. 885. Representative Ward voted "aye with reservations" and Representatives Cabanilla, Hanohano, Har, Oshiro, Say and Yamashita voted "no" on H.B. 1173. HGEA supported these bills.

After Crossover, the House and Senate Leadership will review and refer bills to different committees. The committee chairs will have the opportunity to hear the non-originating chamber bills, likely within the next few weeks.

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of these bills as more information becomes available.

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