Next Wave

Who are we?

Active young & new HGEA members are welcome (and encouraged!) to join the Next Wave. Any active member in good standing, working in any jurisdiction, on any island is encouraged to take part in the Next Wave.


What do we do?

Next Wave is a national movement founded by our parent union, AFSCME, to identify and develop future leaders. We’re organizing young & new union activists to recruit, engage and motivate young members to step up and become young leaders.

Meet your State Wide Chair & Island Co-Representatives

Meet Kehau Makaila, the Statewide Chair for the Next Wave Committee. Kehau was first introduced to Next Wave at HGEA’s 2014 General Assembly. She joined Next Wave because she wanted to get more involved with HGEA but didn’t know how to. Kehau felt the committee was a sure way to build connections with active members who could give her the tools to not only be a successful member but also a successful steward in her workplace. Kehau credits Next Wave on continuously providing different avenues for her to teach newer and younger members the importance and benefits of our union which also builds her leadership skills. Kehau would like to encourage those members who are interested in getting involved to not be afraid to attend an HGEA event and to ask questions. She believes that knowledge is power and the best way for members to know what’s going on in our union is to empower ourselves by asking questions and making those connections with other members. “It doesn’t matter how much or how little one knows about our union, what matters is that we collectively work together to continue to build our union and stand together” says Kehau.

AFSCME National Committee Member (Maui Member)

Meet Dulce Karen Butay, the AFSCME Next Wave National Committee member. Dulce chose to join Next Wave to gain knowledge and experience about the union. She wanted to be mentored and molded so that she could be a good leader and be able to contribute in making HGEA stronger. Being in Next Wave has given Dulce an opportunity to meet new members both locally and nationally. It has also provided her with knowledge and experience by allowing her to participate in multiple national AFSCME events that represented many of our fellow union brothers and sisters in other states as they continuously fought against right to work laws and issues involving fairness in the workplace. Dulce acknowledges that by being on the National Advisory Committee, it enables her to exchange ideas and strategies for building a stronger union with our fellow union members from other states. Dulce’s advice to those who would like to get involved with HGEA is this…”I encourage you to get involved with HGEA even though you have little or no knowledge about our union. I did. I had fun, I learned a lot and I was able to meet amazing people. Please get involved because after all, it’s us, the members, who makes up the union.”


This is Edmar Castillo, who is also the Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Oahu. Edmar, better known as Ed, essentially joined Next Wave to gain a strong support system of organized people who are motivated to get things done. Throughout his time with the Next Wave committee, Ed realizes the opportunity the committee has given him to develop his skills as a leader and has also helped him to network and befriend people, which Ed finds extremely exciting. What is Ed’s advice to new and young members who would like to get involved? “Take a leap of faith and attend our meetings or get to know us individually or as a collective whole.”


Meet Joshua Capp, the Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Kauai. Josh became involved with Next Wave because he along with Kauai Division Chief, Gerald Ako saw the need to assist getting Next Wave off the ground on Kauai. Since then Josh with the help of Analisa Kong has started to organize and revitalize Next Wave: Kauai. Josh acknowledges that Next Wave has impacted his growth as a member by providing training necessary to articulate union issues to the membership. If there is one piece of advice that Josh would like to give members who want to become more involved, it’s this…“BE more involved! There is always something that our union could use help with, whether it be with Next Wave, political action, PEOPLE, etc. Find what gets your blood flowing and speak to the staff or a member leader to find out how you can become more involved. All you have to do is stand up to have your voice heard!”







This is Analisa Kong, who is also a Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Kauai. Analisa jokingly says that the reason she joined Next Wave was because Joshua Capp told her to. LOL!! But in all seriousness, Analisa decided to join Next Wave because she wanted to help reach out to other members. She makes reference to Next Wave helping her to see that there are a lot of NEW and current members that are not getting important information. Analisa would like to give some advice to members who would like to get involved by saying this, “Attend a meeting, sit down with active members, get involved as small as it may seem because in the end we are all one. We are all here for each other.”





Big Island

This is Blaine Bautista, who is also the Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Hawaii. Blaine was introduced to Next Wave because he wanted to meet new people. But when the philosophy of Next Wave was told to Blaine, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wanted to get involved. Next Wave has contributed to Blaine’s growth as a member by making him appreciate what the union does for him. He learned that what we do is important in so many aspects. Blaine appreciates the people that he has met and networked with because it gave him a better understanding of what Next Wave stands for. Blaine’s advice for members who want to get more involved is this… “I would tell members just give what you can. Time is important to everyone, but if you can give a little and make an effort to make it to any HGEA events, it helps greatly. I know everyone is busy with everyday life, but this also can make an impact if overlooked. Just try to be more involved as much as possible.”


 Meet Shannon Arquitola, the Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Hawaii. Shannon joined Next Wave because it was a fun way to get involved and learn more about our union. She stated that Next Wave has provided an opportunity for her to meet so many new people. Each person that Shannon has met has shared their knowledge and experience helping her to be a more well rounded steward. For those who would like to get more involved but are unsure how to, Shannon would like to offer advice by saying, “Go to events, classes, anything, just go. You will surely be welcomed with open arms.”



 Meet Kecia Sakugawa, the Next Wave Island Co-Rep for Maui. Kecia decided to join Next Wave so that she would be able to reach out to both young and new members, and help them to become active members of the union. She wants to be able to show members what the union is all about and the benefits that we as union members have. Plus Kecia happily adds that not only is being an active member important but it can be fun too. For Kecia, Next Wave has given her the chance to meet a lot of new people. By getting involved, she was able to hear and get a better understanding of issues that affect our members. Next Wave has also impacted Kecia by showing her the importance of what being a union member is. One message Kecia has for any member who would like to get more involved is to join us at one of our Next Wave events…it is an easy way to get your feet wet before you dive in!