Why Join HGEA?

Protecting YOU Is What We Do

Most full-time HGEA members enjoy 21 days vacation, 21 days sick leave (except DOE 10-month employees who have summers off), paid holidays and medical coverage. These are some of the many benefits that HGEA fought to get for our members, and what we continue to protect today. Your union (and contract) is the reason you have these generous benefits. We advocate on your behalf.

Here's all the protections and benefits HGEA provides for you:

  • Contract Negotiations (Collective Bargaining) for fair salaries, safe working conditions, vacation/sick leave and health benefits
  • Quality Representation if you ever need help in investigations and grievances
  • Legislative Action for public worker contract funding and worker issues and to guard against takeaways
  • Membership Services from skilled and professional staff to handle your inquiries and address your concerns
  • Exclusive Member Benefits and Programs (discounts, events, scholarships, and more)


Join HGEA and become a member today! It's important to join because we are strong when we stand united and together.

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